Shipping Policy

Surfboard Rates:

4'6"-5'5" ->$50

5'6"-6'3" ->$70



8'10"-11'0"-> Contact for Custom Quote


Packaging Details:

Each surfboard is meticulously packaged by hand, with the highest quality, environmentally-friendly, and most current materials, to ensure your new board arrives in pristine condition.

Using a corrugated/multi-walled 6-inch wide liner, your board will be wrapped entirely along the rail line perimeter, securely suspended on a layer of SUS-RAP. (See bottom)

Estimated Delivery Window:

Each board will be packaged in 1-2 business days, and will be shipped at our earliest convenience. 

Shipping will take 3-5 business days for based shipping rates.

All boards larger than 8'10" will be delivered by freight and require a custom quote.

Contact me at 


Our Shipping Materials:

S3 Pro System by A New Earth Project:

SUS-RAP from Signode / Multi-Wall is a fiber-based suspension wrapping solution designed to ensure damage-free shipments. It works by suspending the product in place, providing cushioning and blocking, and protecting edges and corners from scratches and abrasion. SUS-RAP is 100% curbside recyclable and eliminates poly bags, foam sheets and repetitive taping from your packaging. 

AND, you can even reuse the sus-rap and shipping materials to travel and/or ship your board.